International Council of Motorsport Science celebrates 30 years

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Safety cell and driver extraction techniques.
Safety cell and driver extraction techniques.

The FIA Foundation attended the AGM of the International Council of Motorsport Sciences (ICMS) in Indianapolis, which celebrated the organisation’s 30th anniversary.

The ICMS’s purpose is to share the latest innovations in motor sport safety. The conference brought together a plethora of experts from the medical, scientific, sanctioning body, and race car constructor communities. The FIA Foundation’s Motor Sport Safety Adviser, Will Phillips, participated.

Concussion was a major focus of the event, where sports head injuries from field sports such as American football were discussed as well as motor sports, showed the effort going into the understanding and treatment of these injuries. ‘Development of new techniques of Concussion Diagnosis’ and ‘Concussions, difficult to diagnose, more difficult to manage’ were among the topics presented by some of the top Doctors in this field.

Many other topics were covered including: safe circuit design; design, history and how to choose barrier and catch fencing; facility liability; and the sustainability of motorsports in North America.

The FIA concluded the first portion of the conference with a research update from Dr Paul Trafford and Andy Mellor. The findings from projects throughout 2018 were presented as well as some insight into the intended 2019 projects, which continue to be supported by the FIA Foundation.

The final day of the conference was held at the Dallara IndyCar Factory, which had an emphasis on the practical side of Motor Sport Safety, with multiple demonstrations as well as the opportunity to get hands on and implement ‘rescue’ techniques utilizing the latest safety tools.