Green NCAP: new environmental testing for vehicles launched

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Ratings system.
Ratings system.

Green NCAP a new project which aims to improve consumer information about the emissions and efficiency of vehicles on sale in European markets was launched in early March at an event in Brussels, Belgium.

Part of a consortium, comprising European governments, motoring clubs, consumer groups and universities, and hosted by Euro NCAP, Green NCAP has developed a star rating for both CO2 and vehicle emissions, from a largely lab-based test regime. The tests, which build on the EU’s own WLTC test cycle, are an attempt to make testing more realistic, by including things such as headlights and air conditioning within the test cycle. The FIA Foundation is supporting Green NCAP through the FIA’s Sustainable Mobility Programme.

The ratings of 12 new vehicles were announced at the launch, with two electric vehicles topping the ranking with 5 stars – indicating a strong result on both CO2 and emissions. Further down the list with either a poor performance overall, or a particularly poor performance in one category, came both petrol and diesel vehicles from Ford, VW and Fiat, amongst others.

Green NCAP aims to stimulate competition and create reputational incentives through its rating, just as the road safety NCAPs have done. Speaking after the launch, Sheila Watson, Deputy Director of the FIA Foundation, said “It is important to have as much data as possible about the emissions of vehicles on our roads. That is why we support TRUE – the Real Urban Emissions Initiative. An alternative vehicle test cycle is another way of achieving this, and we look forward to Green NCAP adding more vehicles and more real-world testing to its test profile.”

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